About us


My name is Mario Perez, I am originally from Mexico City. Dogs have changed my life and it is thanks to them that I discovered my life’s purpose.

When I began walking dogs in 2003, to make some extra money, people on the streets were telling me: “Hey, you remind me of Cesar Millan, you are just like Cesar Millan…” So I was intrigued by this guy Cesar Millan .  This is how I found a role model in my life and realized that, without even knowing it, I was already doing the same thing as him, that is to walk dogs in a well organized pack and solving behavioral problems.

At that moment I decided to dedicate my professional life to my best friends: the dogs. It is a beautiful story that  ignited a passion that continues to this day and that gives me a purpose in life by giving dogs a space of well-being and a sense of belonging. To walk my dogs on a leash in the city or in the woods, in winter as well as in summer, is always a pleasure and a way to give back what I have learned from them: to always keep moving forward!

If you love your dog and want to give him a good life take him out as often as possible and allow him to walk in a pack with me and my dogs. More than just a walk it is a complete socializing experience!