Dog Walking

To walk a dog properly is an art. Dogs always need a good leader to migrate from place to place. My  walk is not only a walk so your dog can relief himself, it is a well-structured pack migration to give the dogs a contact with their primal instinct of belonging and migrating. The power of the pack will change your dog’s life. The pack will give him confidence, security and a sense of belonging. All the dogs in my pack are very sociable and used to receive new members on a constant basis. Physical and psychological exercise are present in every walk we take.

Dog Boarding

Are you leaving on vacation? Would you like a family dog worry-free weekend? I offer you the possibility to leave your dog with me and my family. Not only will he receive a home-like environment but also three walks/day on leash and several exits to the fenced backyard patio always under my supervision. It will be his home while you are away.

*Reservation required
*Limited spaces
*Transport to and from your place available

Dog Behavioral Consultation

Do you have an unsociable dog towards other dogs or people? Is he too aggressive or destroys things at home? Does he pull the leash and drags you and embarrasses you…? It  doesn’t matter what the problem is, I go to your home and after a quick interview I will show you live and on the spot some exercises to correct and eventually make these problems disappear. Needless to say that in most cases it is not the dog’s fault. I will explain why he has this behavior and with the exercises you will become a better leader for him. I speak dog language!

*Also available through videoconference

Good start session with a new dog

Are you the happy owner of a new dog? Congratulations! Whether it is a rescue dog or a baby dog, allow me to guide you through the important stages in his life so both can get the most out of a life-long lasting relationship full of beautiful memories. It is always easier and preferable to avoid the existence of possible problems than to eliminate them once they appear.

*Also available through videoconference

Home visits for cats, birds, hamsters, etc.

Leave you home with peace of mind knowing that I will come to clean the litter, pick up the mail, feed and water your animals while you are away. When you come back it will be as if you had never left home.

All services available in English, French and Spanish.